What Peace of Mind Means to Me

Peace of Mind (POM) is something just about all of us discuss but never really have. After serving over 25 years of active duty in the Army, POM was something that I wanted to achieve as soon as possible after retiring. I learned though it wasn’t going to come as easily as I had thought due to different ailments gained while working. I had noticed that was a common trend for many of my fellow disable veterans and I wanted to see what I could do to help myself and others. Instead of jumping on the prescribed opioid train, I wanted to try something natural and proven that I didn’t need a prescription to get and my doctor was fine with. One day I tried Cannabidiol (CBD) and noticed I was more relaxed and those annoying aches and pains subsided, and I figured if that can work for me, a paratrooper in the Infantry, it could work for anyone. That’s when I decided to develop Peace Of Mind Wellness (POM), to try to help other to achieve the POM I gained in both my body and mind.

– Eric Rodriguez

Owner, POM Wellness

Tammy’s Peace of Mind

I know firsthand the many stresses life has to offer.  The hardest by far is being a single mother of two girls and working for Corporate America for the last 21 years. Apart from my children I care for two needy and spoiled dogs.

Being a survivor of an autoimmune disease (Crohn’s) for the last 35yrs has been one of my greatest triumphs. When dealing with an illness that no one can see, and being told “you look fine” all while trying to hide the pain you feel every minute of the day was never how I imagined my life. Being subjected to numerous surgeries, hundreds of medications, drug trials, (a.k.a. guinea pig) I understand first-hand the toll “Big Pharma” can take on the body.

Our goal is to free your mind from the daily pains, anxiety and stressors providing organic planet based alternatives. Education and improving the lives of our clients and community is the ultimate goal. If we can improve just one person’s life giving them Peace of Mind we have made a difference.

– Tammy Laney

Owner, POM Wellness

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